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About us

We have been involved in dealing with LED lighting for several years. Our projects have been implemented mainly on the markets of Western Europe and Scandinavia. Our goal is to provide advice and supply of specialized lighting solutions for fresh produce groups, which require individual lighting solutions.
We rely on the latest technology of LED lighting designed by experts in the selection of the best color and lighting parameters within product groups such as meat, bread, vegetables and fruit.


Our solutions are characterized by professionalism and ease of use.


We hope that our experience and the quality of our solutions will permanently contribute to the success of our current and future customers.

What are the benefits of our non-invasive installation of LED lighting? 

The effect: increased attractiveness of products on shop shelves!

  Bright LED light,
does not emit heat,
brings out the best
qualities of products,
conserves electricity
  Lights can be connected
to any rack, shelf or showcase
  Movable hooks of the lamp
make it possible to adjust
the angle of light incidence