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Appetizing baked goods

Bread has a special effect on the senses
– especially when it looks like you just
pulled it out of the oven. Properly selected
shelf lighting can make even the palest
rolls appear warm and crispy.


The colors of rolls and breads revolve
around light and dark yellows, and even
reds and browns, therefore the bulb
should primarily emphasize warm colors.


Experts in the field say that the lighting inside of a bakery should be the more intense, the more exclusive and expensive are the items we sell. This is particularly true of special types of breads, cakes, biscuits and other baked goods. It encourages impulse buying among people passing by and looking at the delicious, fresh roll or cookie.

What are the benefits of our non-invasive installation of LED lighting? 

The effect: increased attractiveness of products on shop shelves!

Lighting beams are available in several variants
LED Type LED Quantity Lumen Value Module Length Voltage Watt Quantity
SMD3014 163 1530 1.16m DC 24V 18 W
SMD3014 120 1150 86 cm DC 24V 13 W
SMD3014 78 800 56 cm DC 24V 9 W
SMD3014 36 384 26 cm DC 24V 4 W
It pays off!