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Fruits straight from the orchard

Fruits and vegetables are characterized
not only juicy flavor, but also vibrant
colors – mainly green, red and yellow.
These products are usually exposed
in open crates and on pallets.


The greatest importance for the selection
of these products is the impression of freshness.


Our shelf lighting makes fruits and vegetables
retain their beautiful, fresh and appetizing
appearance, making it ideal for this type of food.

What are the benefits of our non-invasive installation of LED lighting? 

The effect: increased attractiveness of products on shop shelves!

Lighting beams are available in several variants
LED Type LED Quantity Lumen Value Module Length Voltage Watt Quantity
SMD3014 163 1530 1.16m DC 24V 18 W
SMD3014 120 1150 86 cm DC 24V 13 W
SMD3014 78 800 56 cm DC 24V 9 W
SMD3014 36 384 26 cm DC 24V 4 W
It pays off!