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Fresh, juicy meat

Storage of meat and meat products usually
involves the use of special refrigerated counters.


Food products must be presented in such a way,
as to convince the customer that they are fresh
and delicious and to make them want to taste
the products themselves. It is well known that
freshly prepared, juicy hams and sausages taste
the best. To reinforce the impression of freshness
of meat, many people invest in a special shelf
lighting in the form lamps intended for that purpose.


However, it must also be noted that the emission
of light sources incident on foods should be kept
to a minimum. After all, looks aren’t everything
– even fresh-looking meats may lose their flavor
when warmed up by fluorescent lighting.


The solution comes in the form of energy efficient
lighting beams used to illuminate showcases
without emitting harmful radiation.

What are the benefits of our non-invasive installation of LED lighting? 

The effect: increased attractiveness of products on shop shelves!

Lighting beams are available in several variants
LED Type LED Quantity Lumen Value Module Length Voltage Watt Quantity
SMD3014 163 1530 1.16m DC 24V 18 W
SMD3014 120 1150 86 cm DC 24V 13 W
SMD3014 78 800 56 cm DC 24V 9 W
SMD3014 36 384 26 cm DC 24V 4 W
It pays off!