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Shelf Lighting Systems

    Meats & Cold Cuts Enhance the fresh appearance of meat through lighting More info   Fruits & Vegetables Our lighting will give the fruits and vegetables an appetizing and natural lookMore info   Bread Products from the bakery will look like they came straight out of the ovenMore info

Customers demand fresh products at possibly lowest prices.
Both of these things can be accomplished with… lighting.

R&R Design – Shelf Lighting

We offer modern, energy-efficient lighting solutions, which increase the aesthetic value of food products and thus encourage their purchase. Our solutions are designed mainly for bakeries, grocery stores and supermarkets and are ideally suited for fresh bread, meat, fruits and vegetables. They expose the color of the products, making them look natural and very appetizing.

We base our solutions on modern LED technology, which means they are energy efficient, retain the original light color and do not emit harmful radiation. In addition, they are easy to assemble and install. By choosing our products you obtain modern lighting system for shelves, showcases and racks which will help increase your products sales.

  Bright LED light,
does not emit heat,
brings out the best
qualities of products,
conserves electricity
  Lights can be connected
to any rack, shelf or showcase
  Movable hooks of the lamp
make it possible to adjust
the angle of light incidence